Finding Beauty in the Challenges of Life!

Following the success of our recent Reflect Arts Group meet-up in Louisville, KY, I figured that I would try a second meet-up, closer to home in Atlanta.

Our recent Louisville meet-up introduced me to some really inspirational artists from the Atlanta area, so I knew that I wanted to experience more of the inspiration of Atlanta.

My hometown of Athens, GA has always been known for its art and music scene, so it’s no surprise that I find so much inspiration in other local artists.

I decided that since Atlanta is only about an hour’s drive from home, it would be a perfect place for a meet-up that didn’t require the adventures of traveling.

Little did I know…

Little did I know, when leaving my home that I would have a completely new, yet inspiring adventure, caused by a broken-down car. On the outskirts of Atlanta, on my way to our planned meet-up, my car suddenly died.

As the leader of the Reflect Arts Group and the organizer of the meet-up, I couldn’t afford to be late. So, with my car on the side of the road, I quickly searched for a towing company, hoping that someone could help me, and quick!

My first try was I’m sure glad that I tried them first. I was lucky enough to be just a few minutes from an available truck.

Steve, the tow truck driver from 24 Hour
Towing Atlantawas amazing to work with.

He knew of a garage in the area that had great weekend service, and was close to downtown, where I needed to be.

He drove me to the garage, and while we were on the way, I was able to arrange for a rental car to meet me there. Steve was courteous, friendly, and most of all understanding of my time crunch.

Despite my car problems, I was on time for the 2nd Reflect Arts Group meet-up, and we were able to enjoy everything that the Grant Park area of Atlanta has to offer.

We even found great artistic inspiration in the animals at the zoo and the amazing historic architecture.

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